Laguna Precast

Manufacturer & Nationwide Sales of Precast Concrete Products.

Welcome to, Laguna Precast concrete products.

We manufacture nine product categories of concrete precast items, made with glass fiber reinforced concrete.

Quickly review product categories by scrolling pages of enlarged thumbnails with items #, description, price and click to see more.

Materials are quality tested concrete, for residential and commercial projects that ship direct to job sites, nationwide.

We are the most experienced, in shipping precast materials successfully with projects in all 48 states, Hawaii and throughout Canada.

All Laguna Precast products have item specific pallets designed to ship them, automatically included in online quote submissions.

Effortlessly create material lists with Laguna Precast’s Calculator Tool, to get a projects total materials cost, pallets and weight.

Correct material color is essential, we help by sending you actual color samples and color chart to choose from.*

Successful precast facades are visually impacting values adding the most aesthetic benefit to a properties curb appeal for the cost.

Laguna Precast has a unique approach to manufacturing efficiently, resulting in faster lead times and lower cost materials, by using better molds.

All precast is made in molds, Laguna Precast makes its own molds and designs/co-designs new product molds for other companies.