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616: King Set, 42"x84" Table, 4 Benches, Cement tops

Product Number: 616
Price: $999.00
Weight: 2150 Lbs.

Optional items: Color, Sealer, Locking umbrella hole, Company logos.

See item #100 for standard colors, custom colors are additional.

Dimensions: See Drawings for measurements.
*1-2 Sets require pallet #696
Product Drawings:
Item Drawing

Item DWG
Specifications: Click for QUOTES and QUESTIONS. Completed calculator form instantly totals weights, pallets and prices. Allow 2 days for freight costs and answers to questions via email, or call us today.
Assembly: The King table is our largest set and has recently remodeled it's shape. It now is 15pcs. with a more modern design. Ask to see the drawings for the new shape! The table top sits on two large bases that com with a hole for an umbrella and also 4 benches.