Laguna Precast

Manufacturer & Nationwide Sales of Precast Concrete Products.

A. Site Furnishings and Architectural Facades. We supply Site Furnishings and Architectural Facades to Architects, Developers, Contractors, Installers and Homeowners. (see minimum order) Laguna Precast supplies non-structural precast concrete parts including facade details, furniture, water features and balustrade fencing. We have nine product categories to facilitate and decorate an allure of landscapes and structures.

B. Laguna Precast features FEATHERWEIGHT CONCRETE™. It weighs 40% less than ready mix concrete, and at over 2000 PSI, it is just as strong. It is an available option for most of our products for an additional 20% charge. We often recommend its use for less structural strain, easier installation and less shipping costs. Balusters are often ordered in FEATHERWEIGHT CONCRETE™ for installations on balconies.

C. Laguna Precast's Architectural facades that are vertically installed use FOAMCAST CONCRETE™. Without compromising strength, as foam details do, it has 1/2'' of 8000psi. glass fiber reinforced concrete over foam. The FOAMCAST CONCRETE™ products make precast installation the fastest and easiest in the industry. Screws or nails support the details and keep them straight as the adhesive dries.